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Yesterday was decent. Adam was civil (it helps that his wife was there). We ate and played games and watched a bit of football (American) and the Lakers game. I didn't really pay attention to it since I don't like sports (I do like football; Europe version; ie: soccer). I was playing around with my phone, trying to find a ringtone I wanted. I've been searching for a HP ringtone and wallpaper for awhile now and I finally found it yesterday! I got Hedwig's Theme and some nice wallpaper so I'm very content. I even texted my friend to spread the word of my...err...triumph :P
Finding Nemo was on last night but there were commercials so I might watch it later today, also Brother Bear because I've been wanting to see that again for a few days now.
Tomorrow I will start demolishing my desk so I can take it out of my room. It's an L shaped desk so I can't take it out whole; I need to de-construct it.
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