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There's nothing worse then a Death Eater that walked free.

YES I DID! I thought I would be dissapointed because of the first two scenes, they were a little bizarre (camera angles especially). But then I just got into it and I loved it! There could have been a few scenes in the movie that weren't but I thought they did a good job with the switch and cuts. I figured they wouldn't have Dobby or Winky in it and I was right. I was wondering if they would have Neville for the gillyweed part and they did. Speaking of Neville, can we say AWWWWWWWWW!? I am so happy they gave him a bigger role. I think it's because he has a much bigger role in OoTP and they want you to really like the guy. In the first three he has only a few lines, you like him but you don't really feel for him (gotta feel bad when he gets chewed up by that book though!). Neville the Amazing Waltzing Stud hehe. I don't really like Hermione but I did feel real bad for her since Ron was being a real prat. The movie gave you mixed singles too. If you don't read the books you might think that Hermione is trying to decide between the two since she threw herself at Harry a few times ;)
Rita Skeeter; you are eviiiiiiiil. Being so mean to poor Harry; mocking his 'bedroom' when until he was 11. So mean :x
Two words; bathroom scene. *sigh* In the still shots it looked like he had a kid body but in the movie? Well, let's just say he was getting his growth spurts and had lovely arms ^_^
I think every girl squeed when that scene came on (I did). Oh, the graveyard scene and aftermath? So sad! I think Voldemort looked reasonable. You can definetly see Ralph Fiennes in behind the makeup. Oh and poor Harry, crying over Cedric, having a breakdown. I cried too. The death of Cedric didn't really hit until he broke down in front of everybody.
I really enjoyed Brenden Gleeson's portrayel of Mad-Eye Moody but one thing was not there and SHOULD have been there; CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!
Snape, why do you have to go beating on poor Harry and Ron? That was hilarious though. Snape rolling up his sleeves; he means business boys and girls!
Ahh so I'm also happy that the twins Gred and Forge had bigger roles; those guys are always good for a laugh! Now, why the hell was Mr. Filch prancing down the Great Hall? I would NOT call that running or jogging, that was prancing! Cracked me up though ^_~
Err can't say much else, I'm burned out. I did enjoy it and I think it'll replace POA as my favorite; I'll see with time. I recommmend it to all of you; but for those of you that read the book; keep in mind it was a LONG book that had to be cut down to a 2 1\2 movie. I thought they did a good job. Could have been a bit better but it could have been a hell of a lot worse. I can't wait to see it with my friend Monday.

Ah, there were two guys at the viewing that came together. One was real tall and dressed in black, had pasty skin, and greasy looking black hair. Guess who!? hehe. He came with a blond with slicked back hair and a pointy chin...and Slytherin robes. They pulled it off WELL.
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