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I'm so excited! My mom signed up for a timeshare like program. Timeshares that she's heard of before have one week at the same location; restrictions and such. With this, you get credits (we signed up for 1 1\2 weeks a year worth) for any supporting hotel ANYWHERE in the system. So far there's 58 locations that include USA (Hawaii too), Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico (also Figi). For places not on that list, you can go with their sister company; RCI (Europe is in there).
You can stay in...say...London for a whole week for $168 American dollars. You can stay in a one or two bedroom suite and this includes the taxes for the hotel (room service, horseback riding if they offer it, massages, in hotel restraunts). These rooms also have full kitchens which is great because food is the thing that usually breaks you. The lady we talked with stays in Cabos San Lucas (sp?) in Mexico and rode horses for $10 and had a full dinner of lobster, margaritas, salsa, etc for $13 each person.
Since mom signed up today, this package is forever. It's exspensive but it lasts mom's lifetime and then goes onto Adam and me and then OUR kids (well his kids since I might be childfree). Mom can even say BYE to me and I can go to the UK by myself! Also, if I took...say...a friend, it would be the same price ($168).
We also get a free trip that doesn't include our yearly credits for just showing up there. We're deciding between Cabos and Kona (on Hawaii..big island).
My dreams vacations can actually happen! I always thought I would go through life not going to certain places. I always knew I would go to the UK before I turn 30 but there's some places I thought I would never ever see. My dream vacations will happen!
New Zealand
Galapogas (sp?!)
Costa Rica
Argentina (sp?)

Mom's first 'dream' stop will be Israel and I'll be going with. She says she might come to the UK with me but for sure I'M going. Either in 2006 or 2007.
Okay, now different topic. My mother will be making her world famous ( and friends famous) fudge. Top quality chocolate, butter, etc. *die*
I might send some to certain people (say...a certain guy in England ;)
I'm going to have to research how I can send fudge that must be kept cool overseas and over to the east coast (I think a certain FL girl might want some?)
None of this is certain but I hope to share my mom's uber tasty fudge with my internet pals :D
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