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I love google

Here's some photos that I found on the internet. I'll just link some while tag the others

Ice flows in the Southern Ocean (I ordered this as a poster)
Ewan McGregor (sp?) in a kilt; hot stuff

Darth Vader; hehe

The sun over Antarctica
This is a pretty big picture; Antarctica

I love this photo. A pod of orcas spyhopping in Antarctica

A leapord seal; these are one of the few mammals that give me the creeps. I love them though, I would love to see one up close. They remind me of mammal-like reptiles that you learn about in paleozoology books.

Their jaws are bizarre.

The Arctic Ocean off of Svalbard

An icebern in the Southern Ocean

This photo has me in awe, it's of the sun over the geographic North Pole (not the magnetic north pole)

Arctic Ocean :]

I love okapis

Nekkid kittens!

Wee little alien kittens! No seriously; sphynx kittens!
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