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Today the National Geographic catelog came in the mail; that's a money trap! So many nifty things!
Just for even more randomness;
My iTunes and Ipod have 1,396 songs which comes to 3.7 days of nonstop music. Just thought I'd throw that in!
Yesterday my rat Hagrid was being a punk. Attacked Lucius and of course he went for the toe. Toe injuries=massive bleeding. He's okay now thankfully. He also harassed poor Regulus and my friend's himi that I'm holding onto until later this month. He's perfectly fine now though, I'll just watch his behavior for awhile; I don't think it's genetic agression.
Tonight mom and I shall watch Empire Strikes Back while I drink a rootbeer float.
I also satisfied my craving for a cafe mocha and stocked up on the mocha powder they sell. Such oral pleasure.
Tags: entertainment, my rats
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