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Had my therapist appointment, same ol, same ol. Not even worth going into detail with.
I went to Hot Topic last week and I must say I like them better then I did before. First off, their sizes rock. Their XXL is XXL! The shirt was not tight which I thought it would be. I bought the Lord Voldemort returns shirt and the Slytherin House shirt. I didn't have money to buy the Gryffindor House shirt but I will eventually. They didn't have any Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff House shirts but I can't believe that they would have shirts for only two houses, they were probably just sold out.
I'm still looking for an Azkaban workshirt..ebay doesn't carry them in my size. I wanted to go as Sirius Black! I had it all planned out; the shirt, black jeans, a dog collar with a tag that says "Snuffles; 12 Grimmauld Place". Now my ideal getup might not come to be *does dramatic hand to forehead).
If I cannot get that shirt, I'll wear my Voldemort shirt (the House shirts ARE a bit tight, I think their just cut differently)
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