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I hate kids

We have some company right now; a family of a billion (err more like seven). The dad, mom, older brother who's a prat, a twelve year old girl that's really nice, a little six year old girl, and an eight year old boy.
I showed the older girl some of my rats; Padma, Parvati, Muffin, and Regulus and let her hold two and gave the other two to the little ones.
It was fine at first but then the brat...errr boy reminded me why I hate kids being around my rats. First he put Padma on the cat tower (loaded with cat smell). She started clinging to the tower in fright and he kept pulling at her. I didn't know because my back was turned but then I heard the squeals she made and she only makes those noises when she's frightened. I told him to back off and got her off (she proceeded to hide in my boobs). Then I turn around and Regulus (my teeny 12 week old) is on the floor! I make my 'come here' noise (kissy noise) and he runs to me (what a good boy!)
Then I turn to the kids and tell them they can't hold the rats anymore. I get Muffin and Parvati back from the older girl (the rats didn't want to leave her hehe) and put them away.
Then the brat (boy) goes into my room! Before I got the rats out in the beginning, I told them that <i>I</i> would go into my room and that my room was OFF LIMITS (it's messy from being cleaned). So he goes into my room and WILL NOT LEAVE! He opens the door to my girl cage which contains to rats that nip first and ask questions later. At this point I lose my temper and kinda yell at him to get out. I don't usually yell at guest's kids but I was at the end of my rope!
So, the dinner is outdoors but because the kids are in the house I can't join in on the conversations (politics)! Ack, the brat just opened the door to my room AGAIN! Hahaha the father was there and yelled at him. Sweet justice.
So the whole lot of them are brats except for the twelve year old girl. She's actually more mature then her dad!
Grrr I want a lock to my door.
Tags: rants
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