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this survey made me depressed

 Love Survey?

Tall or short? Tall.
Fat or skinny? Skinny.
Funny or serious? a little of both
Smart or dumb? A little of both
What color eyes? green or blue
What color/style of hair? Dark hair; black or very dark brown. Longish, to the shoulders and wavy. I like to run my hands through it. Thick and silky *purr* 
Does race matter? Nope but I do prefer my own race (white)
Facial hair? Clean shaven baby.
Piercings/tattoos? Not important but not overdone 
What clothing style? I have a kink for tight leather pants! But for everyday? Nice pants that show off the arse and thighs, and a nice shirt
Favorite kind of music? What's this have to do with anything? I would like somebody that shared my interests though; classical, 90's alternative, 80's, folk, oldies, big band, etc. I'm not into heavy stuff or techno
Would it bother you if they smoked/drank/did drugs? Hell yes. A little drinking is fine since I also enjoy the occasional drink. Drugs are a nono...why even start when you know how bad they are for you? As for smoking; that is a <i>big</i> no in my book! I cannot STAND that shit
Would you expect them to buy you things? no, but the occasional flower is nice ^_^
How old or young would they have to be? a bit older then me

Do you like to have a relationship or casually date? Relationship
How long was your longest relationship? Never been in one; pathetic isn't it? :( 
How long was your shortest relationship? I went out on a date with a friend (we saw The Lion King haha). There wasn't a chemistry; we're still friends
Do you still have feelings for any of your exes? see above
Is there anyone you regret going out with? see above (no)
What do you want out of a relationship? Love and trust
How do you feel about PDA? Holding hands, hugs, and a quick kiss is ok. No snogging! 
Are you in a relationship now? no :(
If not, do you want to be? yes :\
Do you like to be friends before you go out with someone? I haven't had the experience to think of that...but I would like to know a person before I go out with them (no blind dates!)
What is the sweetest thing a girlfriend/boyfriend has ever done for you? -
Do you like to let everyone know about your girlfriend/boyfriend, or keep it quiet? I guess let them know
Could you go out with someone while you liked someone else too? Hmmm well I wouldn't go out with anybody if I was in a relationship or dating but if I wasn't dating and I thought I had no shot with somebody, then I would broaden my horizons. I explain that well?
Would you make the first move?  No, I'm a shy person
Have you ever rejected someone? No, but I've been rejected
How do you feel when someone likes you that you don't like back? It's a nice feeling that somebody would like me like that, but nobody has felt that way about me *hops aboard the self-pity train* 
Have you ever been rejected? YES
Do you like to be the dumper or the dumpee? What kind of question is that? Who would like to be dumped?! I wouldn't like to be the dumpee either :x
How do you get over breakups? Nobody has ever broke up with me but I bet I'd be a wreck for a few days and I would get re-aquainted with my friends Ben and Jerry

w many people have you kissed? One
Do you regret kissing someone? it was spin the bottle :\
Do you like tongue or no tongue? A little tongue is okay, I wouldn't want a slug being shoved down my throat!
Where is your favorite place to be kissed? Probably my neck, I have a sensitve neck
Where is your favorite place to be touched? My lower back
Which is better: hugs or kisses? both
Do you like to cuddle? Yea
Do you like to make out? I bet I would!
Have you ever gotten a hickey? No
Have you ever made out with someone who was just a friend? No
Where is the strangest place you've made out with someone? In my dreams?
Have you ever kissed in the rain? no
If not, do you want to? That sounds hot, wet shirts plastered to nice torsos...hmm HI THERE!
Have you ever kissed under the stars? Awwww that's though
If not, do you want to? That sounds romantic so yes of course!
Have you ever made out in the backseat of a car? No.
If not, do you want to? I'm sure that would be very uncomfotable
Who is the one person that you want to kiss the most? Not going there
Have you ever slept with a member of the opposite sex without actually having sex? Yeah, when my friend came over for the night we shared the bed
Have you ever had sex? No, I'm probably going to wait until I'm married
With how many people? see above
Is sex the most important thing to you? No, love and trust are more important in a relationship. Sex is just an added bonus ;)
Would/Have you had sex with someone you aren't in love with? No way! That's I'm not into meaningless sex thank you!
Would/Have you had sex with someone who was just a friend? No, again meaningless sex is not my thing
Strangest place you've had sex? in my dreams? hah
If you haven't had sex, do you want to? With who? Yeah eventually and I'm not going there

Are you in love now? I'm in love with the concept of love
Have you ever been in love? How many times? No
What is love? Love is beautiful, how else can it be described? I'm not in a poetic mood so I can't describe love as much as I would like to
If you aren't currently in love, who could you see yourself falling in love with? I don't know
Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in lust at first sight. Love takes time, commitment, and trust. Wow, deja-vu!
Have you ever had your heart broken? By who? No
Is love enough? John Lennon was a genius, love is all you need (and water)
Do you know who you're going to marry?
Do you know who your soulmate is? I love the concept of soulmates; somebody that you will spend your life with...but, no I do not know. I'd like to find them though</i>
Do you believe in fate? I like the concept but I don't think I actually believe it
Is there one person for everyone? I'd like to think so
Is anyone in love with you? Bah, I wish!
When you see the person that you love, does your heart pound and your hands shake? I wouldn't know *goes into a compartment of the self-pity train*
Would you choose them over anything else? If I found my love, then yes..but there is a saying "love me, love my cats!"

The last...
time you kissed someone? Don't remember, I don't kiss family
time you hugged someone? Dunno, a few months ago?
girlfriend/boyfriend you had? sigh *hands ticket to dude for the self-pity train*
person who broke your heart? -
person you had a crush on? This guy named John years ago. Now? Well it's a celebrity but those crushes are fruitless so it's just a fantasy ;)
person to ask you out? bah, nobody has ever asked me out.
person you rejected? My brother, I called him a "heartless bastard" GO ME!!!!
time you made out with someone? Who else would like to share my compartment on this lovely train of dispair?
time you had sex? grrr
time you fantasized about someone? Today
time you talked to someone special? the last time I talked to Monsie ^_^
person to sleep in your bed besides you? Person? Years ago when my friend slept over
person you flirted with? ....the barista at Coffee Bean!
person you touched? My mum

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