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I'm quite obsessed with the Revenge of the Sith soundrack. <i>Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan</i> is especially a wonderful song.
Minerva is being a skittish girl and I doubt I will be breeding her again. I'm just happy her sons are such mooshes. Her daughter, Arabella, is a bit skittish but I think she will be okay with time. Regulus is an extreme moosh with a squishy belly while his brother Sirius is a bit more nutty but a sweet boy. Arabella doesn't go with the two brother names I know but Bellatrix is a name for a black rat yes? Andromeda and Nymphadora aren't names for a himi (which is kinda plain looking though I DO like the color of himi and pew). Tonks will probably be a double velveteen.
Tags: rat breeding
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