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I watched a bit of the behind the scenes. The first part was this hour long thing on a 60 second scene (a 60 second blurb of the duel on Mustafar). How nearly 700 people were needed for a 60 second blurb. There's a part where they are on the arm going down the lava river. They had to flip the scene so if you look closely, the lavafalls are going <i>up</i>. I'm going to watch out for that. The other thing I saw was the rise and fall of Anakin. A few months ago I wrote an essay on the fall and rise of Darth Vadar. I wrote it before Episode III was released so it will be interesting to go back and see what I wrote about it.
I can't wait to watch it tonight :]
Oh, and I hate how some movie soundtracks are out of order *shakes head*
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