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Happy Halloween!

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Hagrid is the definintion of a scary Halloween rat!

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I don't have many photos of this cat. This is Mystery, brother of Mr. Scrooge and seventeen years old. She's a fat old thing and very set in her ways

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This handsome chap is Mr. Scrooge. Part siamese and proves it with his attitude and his love of being loud.

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Scroogy suffered from a severe agressive cancer last year but the last time we got bloodwork done, he was shown to be 100% cancer free! We don't know what happened, the only thing we can come up with is 'well, it's Scrooge!'

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This is Desi, our semi-feral kitty. He is antisocial and a grump but we love him anyway

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Desi is our official 'Halloween' cat since he looks more menacing then the siblings cats

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Desi is a mean drunk
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