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'Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak

Mom and I are going to Michael's today...for those that don't know, Michael's is an art store. Mom will start making me another afgan; green and silver! She said that the silver yarn is itchy so I'll try to find a nice grey. I want the green to be an emerald like my icon.
I'm in the process of redoing my room. I'll be getting rid of my crappy desk and taking my brother's old highschool desk which is real wood. Small enough so it isn't a bother but big enough to house my computer and the printer. I will be bringing in his old dresser\bookcase set as well. The room will be painted as well. I <i>did</i> want my room to have a green tint but all my bed stuff is purple so I guess it'll have to be and purple don't look bad together. What do you guys think? Green or purple paint?
I have a crapload of posters that I will be putting up, I only have one poster up right now (the Lone Cypress of C California).
I have a Slytherin House banner, a POA poster, a GOF poster, the WANTED SIRIUS poster, a Futurama poster, and a National Geographic map of the world (very detailed). I also have two calenders that I will be hanging :P
I hope to have my room done by the end of the year; hey I'm slow!

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