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Padma and Pavarti are two of my favorite girls (I also adore mah Muffin)

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Pavarti, the more mooshy and outgoing of the two twins, gives me a "wtf?" look

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Pavarti and Padma are both dove point.

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Pavarti is more outgoing and more squishy. She also has a more visable point and her feet points are a bit better (Padma has a bit of white on her feet)

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Padma is a little more squirmy then her sister, but she's still a moosh

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Padma making a break for freedom

Here's two pictures of my morphing rat Jada. I think another term for them is "patchwork hairless" (when I think of patchwork I do not think of double rex)

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Taken a week ago

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Taken this morning. Jada is a bony but she isn't skinny :]
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