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Sean Biggerstaff is hot

Damn I miss having blazed rats. I keep telling my friend "researve a black blazed male for me! ANY BLAZE! I NEED A BLAZE!"
But all her blazes are agouti and though I love agouti highwhites, a blaze is best on a black (or charcoal) rat.
Blarg. I had an interview with a Ralphs yesterday and tomorrow I have an interview with a pet store in Westwood (right near Wilshire for you LA peeps)
Peeps are scary. Nothing destroys them...well except for liquid nitrogen and a hammer but that's all! I think when WWIII happens, they will come alive and kill us all.
They aren't even that good!
Chocolate. I am like Remus, I am a chocoholic. Yes I think Remus is obsessed with chocolate. According to him, chocolate helps everything. What's your favorite chocolate bar? Mine's Kit Kat..hmmmm. I also like Skors but I have to be in a particular mood to eat that; it is a very strong taste ya know.
I want to visit Maine.
Guys, let's talk about the opposite sex. What do you look for looks wise in a partner? I look for dark hair, light eyes, and a pale complexion. That is not because of my current freaky obsession with HP. No, I just love the look. I love black hair and green eyes the most (black hair is gorgous and green eyes are exotic). I think red headed women are beautiful but on guys, it really doesn't do it for me. Sure some redheaded guys are cute (Rupert Grint is kinda cute now) but I still prefer the lusty black (or dark brown) hair. Slight build with some muscles. Not a hairy body and a nice clean shaven face.

Fill out my survey! I'm on a chocolate high and I'm creative.
This survey sucks, I'm hyper so sue me!
1. Sweet or sour?
2. Chocolate or candy? I don't consider chocolate to be candy. Candy=Jolly Ranchers for example.
3. Hard or soft candy (taffy or Jolly Ranchers as an example)
4. pancakes or waffles?
5. How about french toast?
6. coffee=black or with cream? Coffee at all?
7. Remus or Sirius?
8. naked or nude? (which term do you prefer)
9. What's the #1 place you would love to visit (on this planet)
10. North or South Pole?
11. Why?
12. Top five favorite films (at the moment, I know it can vary with the days)
13. Musical group or composer you can listen to for hours without getting bored
14. What movie are you most looking forward to?
15. cats or dogs?

1. Depends on my mood...usually sweet since chocolate is either sweet or bitter.
2. Chocolate
3. soft (Laffy Taffy)
4. pancakes....strawberry pancakes to be exact
5. I love french toast...with powdered sugar and lovely buttah
6. cream and sugar
7. Remus
8. naked
9. Antarctica (or Scotland)
10. South Pole
11. I honestly don't know, I've always loved Antarctica better. If I come up with a reason I'll probably make a whole post about it..
12. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Apollo 13, Robin Hood Men In Tights (is that EVER going to be on DVD?!), Princess Bride, Day After Tomorrow
13. John Williams, Mozart, U2
14. Do you really have to wonder about that? Goblet of Fire of course!
15. cats
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