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It was a nice storm yesterday and the day before. The clouds are coming back so more rain later! I got my checks in the mail so I'm happy ^_^
Went to see my therapist today and while in Westwood Village I filled out an application for a local pet store and the nearby Borders. While at the store I got some rat food. I have no rat food and won't get any until next week when my breeder friend picks up her rat, drops off my rats, and drops off the Harlan blocks. I also went to Coffee Bean and at Borders I got a sci-fi movie magazine. Harry was on the cover which caught my eye ^_^
Has articles on Harry Potter (Dan will be OOTP!!), King Kong, Doom, and Narnia. They are also remaking The Fly (I want the original dvd with Jeff Goldblum).
I really should get on AIM sometime today. Been neglecting AIM and LJ!
Tags: job search, movies, random
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