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I just got off the phone with my breeder friend. I'm getting five..count them; five rats. It's not a lot considering I don't have too many anymore. I want to keep my numbers uber small so I can manage them without being disgruntled. I'm getting a black eyed siamese male (Lucius), a black eyed siamese female (don't know yet), a pew dumbo dwarf (Albus Dumbodwarf!), and an agouti velvet (hmmm velvet ratty..don't know what I'm gonna name him), and a bermese smooth coat male (I think a male...don't know what to name him).
Name suggestions welcome but I might not use them ;)
I'm planning on mating my himi girl Narcissa to Lucius...points to whoever guesses what I'll name the baby boy I keep. *snort*
Tags: my rats, rat breeding
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