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I ordered the soundtracks for Anastasia and Prince of Egypt a few days ago and I now have them :D
I also ordered myself some checks, I had none. Mom said it's too exspencive to go to the UK so I'll continue to save up. I might get to the UK in 2007, ah that would be lovely.
Mom is crocheting (sp?) me another afgan. My first one is a blend of royal purple, royal blue, and emerald green. This one will be green and grey. I really wanted silver but mom says that silver yarn (is it yarn?) is itchy. So it'll be grey. I'm cleaning my room and plan on redoing it. I ordered a few posters (HP mostly *snicker*) and I'll be painting my room again. It could use another paint job. I either want a pale green with offwhite to grey trim or a blue slightly darker then what I have with an offwhite. I'm getting rid of this piece of crap desk and getting my brother's old highschool's real wood and not too big but big enough for what I need. I'll replace my chair too and move my bed to the window or under the AC vent. We'll coat my windows with that stuff so when a quake hits, glass won't fly everywhere. It'll be unbreakable I believe.
Ah I guess that's a good enough update for now. I've been neglecting my journal for true updates. I basically just do silly squeeing fangirl posts and I'm sure you are all sick of those ;)
I'll still be doing squeeing fangirl posts but I'll try to put it in my custom's friend's list ;P
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