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We know this guy, Phil, who is a complete jackass. He has no common sense! He brought home a friend's dog, unneutered 2 year old mutt with "issues" for the day.
They have two dogs already, Shadow and Chaos (yes they stole the name). They are brother and sister and are very well behaved, not to mention fixed. Anyway, he goes home with the dog (Lucky), drops it off and then leaves to go to his boat.
Two hours later Joel, the son who is such a nice guy and did wonders with his two dogs, comes home. He finds Shadow bleeding heavily from the ear and neck with her brother standing over her. Lucky has a very wet neck but no broken skin (Chaos was protecting his sister). Shadow required 6 stitches in her ear. Joel is pissed at his father as well as he should be. His father won't tell Lucky's owners because they are rich. THey are rich so they must know everything! My aunt is like that.
It's times like this I just want to lay into that idiot
Tags: rants
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