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have I mentioned that I find this icon stunning?

X. Starting time: 9:04pm
X. Name: Sara
X. Nicknames: Rat Girl
X. School: Pierce College
X. Eyes: hazel (one greyish blue, one greyish green)
X. Height: 5'8
X. Siblings: a brother; Adam
X. Ever helped somebody cheat?: At a video game
X. Missed school b/c it was raining: Once when the school was flooding during El Nino at the end of 96'
X. Set any body part on fire for amusement: O_o No
X. Kept a secret from everyone: yes
X. Had an imaginary friend?: Hrmmm I don't remember
X. Wanted to hook up with a friend: yea
X. Cried during a Flick: oh yes

X. Had a crush on a teacher: Yes
X. Ever thought an animated character was hot: Hehe yeah
X. Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape: nope
X. Prank called someone: yea
X. Been on stage: yea

X. Shampoo: 405 rasberry and Freeman's Papaya mango (depends on my mood)
X. Colors: green, blue, purple
X. Day/Night: night, though lately it's day because that's when I'm either at school or at home when mom's at work (not having her screech at me)
X. Summer/Winter: winter!
X. Online Smiley: :]
X. Like anyone: I like many people ;p
X. Known the longest of your friends: Well I knew my ex best friend from when I was 5 to when I was 13. My breeder friend I've known since 2002 and my other friend, that is my age, I've known also since 2002 (met both of them when I adopted ratties from them)
X. Name your best friend(s): Monique (though I don't show it well since I'm never on AIM)
X. Who's the loudest: these questions make no sense. Who's the loudest? Who's "who"? My mom is loud
X. Who's the shyest: Oh wait, are you talking about between me and my friend? Oh, for above I'm louder I think. Shyest? Probably Monique
X. Who do you go to for advice: My online friends, who only a handful I have met in person
X. Who do you cry with: me myself and I. Oh and Spencer

----------IN THE LAST 2 Weeks------------

X. Cried: I don't count how many times I've cried. More then 7
X. Cut your hair: nope
X. Worn a skirt: nope
X. Been mean: probably
X. Been sarcastic: YES
X. Missed someone: yea, my dad
X. Hugged someone: hrmmm my cats
X. Fought with your parents: oi vey
X. Wished upon a star: no, but I've been looking at the stars
X. Laughed until you cried: no
X. Played Truth or Dare: no, but I read some fanfiction revolving around that game. Fun stories those were
X. Watched a sunrise/sunset: yeah, both
X. Went to the beach at night: no but I plan to, rumur is that the plankton is dense (glowing surf)
X. Read a book for fun:! Why else would I read? Oh, school, right. YES I have read a book for fun
X. Ate a meal: ermm have I EATEN a meal in two weeks? YES
X. Are you lonely?: No, I'm anti social lately
X. Are you happy: more like apathetic
X. Are you talking to someone online: no, I don't go on AIM that much.
------DO YOU BELIEVE IN....-----

X. God/Devil: I don't think so. I'm scientific but I believe that people need something to believe in. I personally think that giant muffins planted the seeds of life (am I kidding? Only I know)
X. Love: yes, if you can't believe in love, what can you believe in? I'm a hopeless romantic
X. The Closet Monster: The monkey! The monkey in my closet!
X. The Big Bang Theory?: yes
X. Heaven/Hell: I believe that heaven and hell reside in somebody's mind
X. Superstitions: hmmm well I have three black cats so figure that out for yourself. BUT, I do believe that all superstitions root from fact or something that happened
X. What is your full name? Sara Debrah Leah Alperin
X. Who named you?: my parents?
X. Backstreet Boys or N Sync? Neither :x
X. When was the last time you showered? Yesterday
X. What was the last thing that you said online? "yesterday"
X. What is right next to you?: trash, ipod, camera, soda can, mouse, mouse pad, cd case
X. What is your computer desk made of? cheap fake wood. I'm getting rid of it soon
X. What was the last thing that you ate? cocktail weenies and cream soda
X. What is your favorite state?: ermm that's a hard one. I guess I have to say California since it's my homestate and I do love this state so! I also love Washington
X. Where do you want to go on your honeymoon?: hrmm that's hard. It depends on my mood. Ranges from the UK, a backpacking trip across mainland Europe, Antarctica, Greenland, Alaska, and New Zealand
X. Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?: somebody that loves me who I love back.
X. How many buddies do you have on your list: I dunno...I guess I should log on to check....30 and I need to delete some (eek spiritofnature!)
X. How's the weather right now?: partly cloudy, about 65 degrees, fair, slight breeze
X. What did you do last night?: read fanfiction like the geek I am. I also uploaded a crapload of cd's onto my iTunes
X. What's the best thing that you find about the opposite sex? Hmm I love eyes and hair. WIth hair, I want to be able to run my fingers through it. With eyes, I like eyes that capture your breath with the sheer vibrancy (bright green and blue eyes do that to me)
X. Favorite hair color in the opposite sex: black or very very dark brown
X. Pizza or ice cream? ice cream
X. How do YOU eat an Oreo? depends on my mood. Usually I split them and scrape the icing off with my teeth then dunk it into milk
X. Dream car? well realistic dream car is a car that runs on trash. Drool dream car would be a 60's mustang or thunderbird
X. What do you want to be when you grow up? Seriously? I dunno, maybe a vet. I REALLY want to be a planet hopping photographer for National Geographic. Won't happen of course
X. What are your future goals?: to move out of this house and get my driver's liscence
X. Favorite music?: depends on my mood. Lately it's mid 90's alternative. But I always enjoy listening to classical
X. Least favorite time of the year: high point of summer and passover (it's so stressful!)
X. Fast or slow?: umm for what? Sex? I wouldn't know. Car driving? Neither, but definatly NOT fast. I guess if you mean for life in general; slow
X. Did you notice that number 90 was missing?: No, these are all X so how would I notice?
X. If you could change your name, what would it be?: Never thought about it
X. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: Spencer CAN be considered a stuffed animal; my fat lump. I do have a Stitch and Koda stuffed animals at my pillow.
X. Have you ever been in love? No but I'm in love with the idea of love (would you like some chicken with that corn?)
X. What will your first son's name be?: I love the name James...and if I'm still a geek, and I marry a geek, maybe Remus...I love the ledgend and the name in general (geek!)
X. Favorite drink?: AGAIN, it depends on my mood. My favorite soda is Thomas Kemper root beer and my favorite juice is cran grapefruit juice
X. Do you like scary or happy movies better?: I used to crave scary movies but lately, scary movies aren't scary. So happy
X. Lust or Love?: love
X. Do you consider cheerleading a sport?: yes, I respect cheerleaders for their athletic abilities. YOU try doing what they do!
X. Do you want your friends to do this survey?: sure if they wish
X. When's your birthday? June 19th 1983
X. How old will u be?: 23 (ugh)
X. Time done? 9:32

First(s) .
Memories: I remember being at grandma's house near her dishwasher. She handed me a bottle. I also remember shopping for my fifth (or fourth) birthday party and begging mom for some of those jiggly things that go on the eraser end of a pencil
Age of your first kiss?: meh if you count a REAL kiss, the future ;_; I did get kissed on a dare but I could tell they didn't want it
Who was your first crush.boyfriend.girlfriend?: first crush was probably Simba *snort* Never really had a boyfriend, tried it with a friend and it lasted a week (we're still friends)
What is your first memory of?: See above with the dishwasher
Age you first drank?: well I've had sips of wine every sabboth for as long as I remember. Then when I was around 15 I was able to drink whole glasses of wine during Passover. Only one glass though. First time I drank out in public was when I was 19, had a sip of mom's malibu was ok
First nightmare?: ermm I dunno if it's my first but it's a recurring nightmare since my childhood;
I would crawl into the living room and peek over the couch; a giant praying mantis would glare at me from inside a cage. It ate my Barbies much to my delight. Another dream I had was when I fell asleep in my brother's dirty clothes (don't ask) and dreamt about Pinhead chasing me
First time you got your period?: ermmm I think I was 11
First time you got an erection?: Oh gee I have one now! :P
First dentist appt?: *shrug* Maybe to get my teeth checked for braces...oooo the waiting room had PacMan and Space Invaders XD
First breakup?: *sigh* not really a breakup since it was only experimental
Your first best friend?: Gabriella but I remember Rocio better. Stupid bitch ditched me when I was 13 over the summer. Got super depressed and ate. Never been able to take it off
Do you remember your first Christmas?: Ermmm no since I don't celebrate it. The first Chanukah I remember I recived a nifty stuffed purple dragon and Jurassic Park for Gameboy...I still haven't beaten that game :X
First word you said?: *shrug* Probably NO
Sandbox or monkey bars?: I think the sandbox, I spent more time in the sand at my favorite childhood park
The kid playing tag or drawing?: drawing
This or That? Reminds me of a rap song; that
Hot chocolate or tea?: hot chocolate!
Paris of Nikki Hilton?: neither
Bedtime or awaketime?: bedtime (when I actually get around to it)
Football or Basketball?: hrmm American football or world football? Football (non-american meaning soccor)
early bird or wake at noon?: depends...I like to wake fairly early so I can get stuff done
Coco-Puffs or Raisin Brain?: Coco-Krispies...but if I must choose between those two; Raisen Bran (you said Raisin BRAIN by the way)
American eagle or PacSun?: neither as far as I know
Hoodies or sweaters?: sweaters
Sking or Snowboarding?: sking, can't beat the classics.
Long hair or short?: on me? Long
Blue or Brown eyes?: blue
Brains or Brawns?: brains
Reading or Writing?: reading
Watching movies or watching tv?:movies, today's tv sucks
Singing or Playing an instrument?: intrument (I want to learn how to play the kazoo!)
Pencil or pen?: pen
Shaved or all-hair?: um, what? I like clean shaven guys
Braclets or Necklaces?: necklaces, I can never find a bracelet to fit my fat wrist
Gold or Silver?: silver
Snow or Rain?: well we don't get snow, I need to go about 2 hours east for that. I love the rain; it washes away the city's grime.
Boys or Girls?: boys
Blondes or Brunetts?: err since I like black hair; brunetts
Doctors or Dentists?: doctors
Eminem or Dave Matthews Band?: Ick I guess DMB though I don't like them either
At the theaters or on the couch?: hmm the couch. I only see movies I know I'll like and I hate being in a movie that teens will go to (stupid punks)
Reality Shows or Sitcoms?: sictoms though today's shows are garbage
Britney or Christina?: neither!
Naughty or Nice?: nice
Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny: I love the idea of a man giving children presents; based on a real person you Santa

Thing you ate?: cocktail weenies
Song you listened to?: Nightswimming by REM (it's on right now)
Time you cried?: I cried this after reading the end of a tearjerker story
Phone call you recieved?: California Environmenta League of Voters
IM you sent?: I don't rememer, definatly to Monsie though
Fight you had?: with mom, this afternoon
Failing grade you got?: highschool
Thing you smiled over?: I watched Frankenweenie! (thank you for pointing out that it's on my dvd, I'm a dork)
Website you viewed?:
Thing you wrote on paper?: notes for agriculture
Time you slept?: ermm 9 this morning
Candy bar you ate?: Kit Kat about two weeks ago
Time you went minature golfing?: oi vey, don't remember
Thing you thought about?: getting back to reading my ff
Dream you had?: ermm don't remember
Time you got your hair done?: the day of my brother's wedding (June 24)
Time you got a hug?: dunno
Person you kissed?: person? I dunno probably the day of the wedding when I was being harassed by relatives

What time is it?: 9:49pm
What are you doing?: this and uploading cd's to iTunes
Whats your favorite scent?: hmmm maybe fresh ground coffee beans
Do you have any animals?: oi, rats, fish, cavies, cats, dogs
What do you want to go to college for?: to make something of myself and to get the experience so somebody will HIRE ME
What kind of toothpaste do you use?: Crest whitenin
Sports or Music?: If you don't know this then you don't know me that
Real or Fake?: umm what? Real
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