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You don't have to read this if you don't want to

Severus (my harley baby is named this)
Harry Potter (black blazed male will be called this)
Ronald (fawn male)
Ginny (fawn female)
Arabella (any female)
Norbert (male)
Fred (fawn male)
George (fawn male...must be the brother of Fred)
Hermione (agouti velveteen or rex...bushy brown hair;)
Albus Dumbo Dwarf (duh, a dumbo dwarf male)
Wisteria (a female rat...brownie points for those that know what this refers too)
Nymphadora Tonks (double rex most likely)
Dobby (hairless dwarf male)
Winky (hairless dwarf female)
Draco Malfoy (Malfoy for short most likely, maybe a black eyed himi male)
Lucius (dunno, has to be a pale color)
Filius (dwarf)
Sirius (black rat)
Remus (and damn I love the name Remus just in general!)
Scabbers (I had a Scabbers once)
Pigwidgeon (probably spelled wrong...Pig for short)
more names to come...

Names already in use...
Minerva (black eyed himi female)
Seamus (agouti hooded)
Neville (burmese male)
Hagrid (harley)
Pansy (black berk female....she's fading)

Feel free to add names. I know there's some very obvious ones I didn't mention but I wanted to write down just a few so far ;P
Tags: harry potter, my rats
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