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Socks :]

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Socks is a twelve year old cocker spaniel that can't really hold it in at night. She doesn't like being confined to her crate so we can't do that. Any suggestions?

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Minerva. I'm not sure when I took this photo, it was after she had her litter obviously. SHe's taking a break from the nipple biters..ahh for those that don't know, she's a black eyed himi

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On the left is one of the older fish, a goldfish. The koi hiding under the rock is the largest fish we have now, a new fish

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The white, grey, and orange koi are all new (they are the three in front). The three in the back are older. A yellow koi, a black koi, and a mottled goldfish. We also have two catfish, another medium goldfish, and a teeny goldfish

Your lovelife will run into trouble when your fiencee hurls a javaline through your chest
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