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New icon!
Heidi is taking up most of the bed.
Oh, did I mention that Pac Bell screwed up the connection? I told you how my phone like was disconnected, and that I called to reconnect it. Well they screwed up twice. They said it should be up by 5pm Thursday; I'll believe it when I can log on from my own computer.
That's why there's no photo posts; I'm too lazy to install my Canon software, plus I don't think mom will want it on the computer.
So hopefully Thursday night will be a major photo post night.
I tried saving a freaky Mad Eye Moody icon but I couldn't. I'll try again Thursday *crosses fingers cause it's freaky*
The amazing bouncing ferret!
Ah, Mr. Johnny Depp will be at the Grauman's Chinese Theater this Friday =D
He's putting his hands in. At least the space will go to a good actor! Example; Ryan Seacrest has a star and his hands, *rolls eyes*
I might go and squee like a fan girl. Then again, I might not and say I did *snort*
I wouldn't get near the point where I would be able to see him. I like Johnny Depp; one of my favorite actors.
Speaking of Depp, you know how he's in at least two Tim Burton films right? Well, I've been searching for an older Burton film to add to my collection. I saw it when I was younger. I saw this movie only once but it stuck with me, I loved it. I don't know if it's on DVD (Robin Hood:Men in Tights isn't grrr). Frankenweinie. Anybody else seen it? I love it!
This will probably be my last post for the night. I leave you with a few words; nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak

Tags: fandom, harry potter, los angeles, movies, random
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