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Minerva's litter has a sire!

I figured out who the father is with the help of my friend and sister breeder. I didn't think she had harley in her but apparently she does! Farther down the line, none of the rats in her visable pedgree were actually harleys but they all carried it. I thought Hagrid was the father because he was the oldest but I expected smooth coats and velveteens. So I got one smooth coat (black male), two velveteen himis (probably himis considering the lines...both parents are strong in himi). One himi is a girl which I will be keeping, most likely her name will be Hedwig. One male is another velveteen. Two males are harleys, black harleys. I will be keeping one, the dumbo. I got...a...dumbo...harley! I'm for sure keeping two rats; SKR Hedwig and SKR Severus Snape. My friend will get the topear harley. I will be breeding them together, hopefully to get european colors and maybe harleys and dwarves.
I'm so excited, I didn't think I would get harleys so soon! *does happy jig*
Ah, my friend's two females just had their babies. Her bermese and black eyed siamese. I have my name down for a black eyed siamese male and a bermese female. We'll swap. Life is good when the genetics machine offers things that you were wanting.
*does another jig*
Tags: my rats, other rat breeders, rat breeding
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