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Nice new icon.
We took in the dog I mentioned earlier in the week. Her owner came by today so the dogs could meet. Her name is Socks, she's an american cocker spaniel. Huge feet XD
She's a nice dog, but doesn't like Heidi nosing her arse, can't blame her. As long as Heidi doesn't push her too much Socks is fine. Ignores the cats so far.
She's a small girl, 18 pounds. She's also elderly, twelve years old.
I think it'll work out, I hope so.
I watched Titanic last night, I love that movie. Originally I never wanted to see it, I was a Titanic buff a few years before the movie came out. I thought it would degrade the history. When I saw it I was pleasently surprised. It has a lot of flaws, scenes based on ledgend, but it was a great movie.
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