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Loss of limb will not excuse you

Sad news. A family friend's mother resided in an old section of New Orleans. She was trying to leave to that other city that was completely destroyed. They can't find her. The whole Jewish community is out looking for her (she's also in her 90's).
I hope they find her but, honestly, I have doubts that it will turn out well.
Another friend, somebody I'm closer to, lost an aunt. Her house was near one of the levy's (sp? and damn Bush, those were supposed to be fixed *hiss*)
She drowned..
I'm not going to get into a Bush rant now, though I would love to. Maybe I should make a custom friend's list for Bush ranting, since I have Republican friends I don't want to insult you with my rants.
Let me know if you want to be on the list, I already know a few of you do NOT so you don't have to comment.
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