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We might not go on vacation this winter...instead...we might go to the UK!!! *dead*
I have to look into it but mom wants to go (not as much as me of course). In fact, I'm looking into the Israel trip. Mom thinks I should go to Israel and meet her in London. I can do that! Dear lawd, just think the UK!!
Here's a short list of what we would see and do while there (we will visit Ireland)

King's Cross and go on a train (even if a train trip isn't needed, we will ride one)
Westminster Abbey
changing of the guard
Buckingham Palace
The Square (forgot the name, starts with a T)
Alnwik Castle
Loch Ness
Scotland (see above lol)
Cork County
ride a double decker
London Museum of Natural History
have tea (real English tea)
try dishes country is known for (will NOT try kidney pie, tripe, or haggus)
step into the North Sea (don't give a crap about the temperature)
visit Surrey
Abbey Road
visit Lee
Giant's Causewayy
go to the sandstone cliffs that are visable from France
Belfast (I really want to even though it's dangerous)
much MUCH more, but we will need to do major research
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