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Allow me to scream in aggravation! I finally save enough money to get the special addition HBP and COS and what happens? I go to the bank to take the money out and I don't have my atim card! I go to First Federal Bank but I can withdrawl from a Washington Mutual atm machine. So, I couldn't get the money and I don't have any checks (I have one for an emergancy and I don't think buying books are an emergancy).
So I'll just order them online. yodallama, do you know a site where I can get some HP stuff? Posters, banners, and tshirts? I would love a shirt that says "Weasley is our king" and a Hogwarts school banner to put on my wall.
Had a therapist appointment tonight, it went ok. Mom went to the baby shower the other day, she thinks the pregnant girl was high >:O
I'm trying to save money to go to the UK. I have a savings account for that, I have $233.30 saved. At this rate I'll get to the UK when I'm 30! Oh well. Birthright Israel is accepting for winter, I might sign up depending on my school schedual. Some people that have gone say "oooo the clubs are so awsome!"
Woopdi doo! I could care less about Israeli nightclubs. I want to go so I can see the culture, history, and nature of it, not for nightclubs. Ah well
Went to Coffee Bean; got my usual. Was joygasmic of course!
Tags: harry potter, random, rant, vacation
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