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This month has gone by very quickly. I'm going to Disneyland next week with me mum. Splash Mountain reopened!! Thundermountain is also open again though I don't know if I want to ride that (like the ride but I don't feel too safe). Pirates of course will be ridden at least twice. Fast Pass's are great! Can't wait, though I'll have to go in mum's SUV and not a limo with tasty holiday Pepsi (I usually hate Pepsi or Coke but that was spicey with cinnamon).
We're also going to see the King Tut exhibit and the blue whale exhibit at the Long Beach Aquarium. We don't have the money for a real vacation so we'll just do these things. We might go to Julian, CA this winter (snow!). I want to go to NYC or DC this spring, preferably DC since there's more museums. Hopefully we will be able to do a spring vacation, we are never able to because Passover falls onto the time I would be out of school *crosses fingers*
I haven't read anything NOT HP related since Half Blood Prince. I'll read the news, magazines, and some stuff online but I haven't picked up a book since HBP. I've been reading mostly fanfiction, I am so pathetic ^_~
I want to go to a Halloween party dammit. Never been to one, never been invited ;_;
I haven't decided who to go as, it will be HP related. Mom said to go as Trelawny but she's too easy! Maybe I'll go as Bell, Johnson, or Spinnet (excuse to get Quidditch gear). Anybody have any suggestions? I don't want to go as one of the Golden Trio, too cliche yeah? My brother, in one of his meaner moods, said I should go as Professor Sprout because she's fat and dumpy. Ok first of all, that's just mean. Secondly, how the hell does he know of her character?! He doesn't even read, much less read those books! Ugh, he's a jackass. I'm thinking of the following people to go as;
Snape, M. Weasley, McGonnagal (sp?!), one of the three Gryffindor Quidditch girls, Moaning Myrtle, S. Black, Sprout (I could pull her off), Crookshanks (don't ask *snicker*).
I want to breed a lady but none of them are in heat. Ah well, another day another chance
Tags: family, family rants, harry potter, my rats
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