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Mom expects me to go to a baby shower next weekend. My answer is a steadfast NO! I cannot stand the girl. She's 19 firstly, and got pregnant when she was 18. She's a major druggie; does heroine, lsd, crack, whatever. Drinks too. The father, Rage, is even worse, and he beats her. One time they were living in Ocean Park, right next to Santa Monica Pier. Her mom had to take her to the hospital because she had parasites. Not lice or anything simple like that. She had some sort of fly larvae crawling under her skin! She said you could see them moving. Ever see The Mummy? Remember the scarab scene? Well that's what I'm talking about. She never quit drinking or doing drugs while pregnant and she didn't even try. She didn't care. That baby will be seriously fucked up. Is it wrong that I hope it doesn't make it when it's born? I can't imagine how farked up it'll be, poor little baby. This girl is terrible, she hurt one of my rats one time (Isis) because Isis bit her bracelet. Never got near them again. She's just a nasty piece of work. She also stole my could have been boyfriend. He was the closest thing I had to a boyfriend. We still talk though, friends and all. We both bitch about her and other things. Meh
Well I'm not going to that baby shower.
Tags: rants
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