Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I made my mom listen to two songs from the Chamber of Secrets soundtrack that I really love. That got her in the mood to see the movie so that's what we did. I don't mind ^_~
Rats are enjoying some pizza. I asked mom to get it with more sauce then usual (there's hardly any sauce). Sadly, there was too much this time, I only like enough on my pizzas where I can taste it, I do not like it dripping in the crap. So I had three slices and gave the rest to the fuzz butts. Jasc is being a prat so I can't upload the photos right now :\
I need to get a DVD player, a real one. My PS2 doesn't play DVD's too well, skips a lot when there are no scratches on the disc. It plays games fine though (it's a mini ps2 that's less then a year old blarg). So I'm saving up to pay for half of it. I could get a cheapie, but I want one that plays DVD\VHS and possibly can put stuff from VHS onto a disc (I think those exist).
With that said, I bid you goodnight (unless I post again)
Tags: harry potter, my rats
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