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a few ladies

To take my mind off the emptiness that Fuzz left in my heart, I photographed some of my females. Two of these ladies will be bred soon; Padme and Muffin. They are getting to the point where, if I don't breed them now, I never will.
I will be getting three rats from a rattery in Washington which I'm excited about. Two are males; a black harley and a burmese while the other is a female (black eyed siamese).

Image hosted by
This is Muffin, a lovely agouti self rex dumbo. I'm hoping she carries harley (father carries it) and dwarf (ditto). She is such a squish :)

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The only thing Muffin is afraid of are the cats!

Image hosted by
Muffin and her buddy Padme (both these girls will be bred soon)

Image hosted by
Padme is named after Padme Amidala but can also apply to Padma Patil :)

Image hosted by
Padme is my squishy sewer rat

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Black rats are one of my favorite colors (agouti and pew are other favorites)

Image hosted by
The rattie in front is Lavender (Brown) while the face in the back is Pavarti Patil.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Pavarti, Lavender, and a girl that I'm still trying to place

Image hosted by
I was thinking of naming Pavarti's sister Padma but I already have a Padme and thought I would be confusing.

The white rats aren't pews, himis, or seal siamese dispite the color their points look in the photos. Their point aren't sepia, nowhere near. They are more of a silvery grey so I'm thinking they are dove points (both parents were dove and they both carry siamese)
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