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update on Fuzz

Fuzz had two minor strokes over the last two weeks. At first she bounced right back, but after the second stroke, she has been going downhill. As of today, it's really hard for her to eat solid food. She ends up choking on it because she is just too weak to chew it into swallow sized pieces. I've put her on a high fat\protien diet because of her weight loss. She is eating pine nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chocolate chips, almonds, mama blocks (ground up), and fruit. For her wet food she gets those seeds damp so they sprout.
She still has her lust for almonds and chocolate so I have to be extra careful about the size of her almonds, I break them up so she can swallow them.
I really don't think Fuzz will make it to August. She has no body fat on her and she has been getting attacked by the others. I actually moved her to a small cage with her friend Jada (black hooded morphing rat). Fuzz is super weak.
Fuzz has had no problems until June, when everything started to pile on. That is the only silver lining, the fact that she has been so healthy until recently. It makes me hope that she will fight this and I might have her a few more weeks then I think I will...sorry if that sentence made your brain bleed.

Image hosted by
Taken June 29th. Right before her first stroke :\

These were taken yesterday (July 17)
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eating some chocolate

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Fuzz is very wobbly. I don't know if she can't keep her balance due to her weakness or the fact that it has been thrown off from the stroke

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My poor baby :(
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