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Ok this is really lame but I know what I will be naming any male dwarf dumbo I ever get...Err that was worded bad. I know what I will name the first male dumbo dwarf I ever get. Harry Potter fans, guess! No? Dumbo Dwarf XD
It really isn't funny unless you say it out loud. I admit I did not come up with the name myself. Odd Fellow Rattery (Debbi in WA state) has a dwarf dumbo by that name. It's so great I'll use it too :P
Ohh, I will be reading 2 and 3. I didn't read them because I know those two books by heart and I was panicking, thinking I wouldn't have POA and OFTP done by Friday night. So, now I will go and read them ^_^
Aggg I can't wait until November...
Tags: harry potter, other rat breeders, rat related
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