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Got up at 7:30 this morning. Hopping in the shower then headed to Kaiser for a complete physical. Had things done to me that shouldn't be seen by mortal eyes (heh just kidding). I usually don't like male doctors for these types of appointments because they all made me uncomfortable. They didn't do anything really that warrented my feelings, but they were all sterile or older, and it kinda weirded me out. This doctor, a male, was awsome. For one thing he looked like Bono (a plus and negative hah). Another thing, he had a sense of humur and saw I was uncomfortable (he did a breast exam, how would you feel?). So I will go to him from now on, found my permenent doctor! He gave me a prescription for my migraines, it's to take BEFORE the headache gets that bad. Had my blood drawn by somebody that really needed to practice some more. I thought the blood would be taken from the inside of my elbow like it usually is. Nope, it was taken on the top of my hand, right near the knuckle. Everybody says that hurts like a bitch so I was a bit wary. It hurt just as much as an elbow shot. Even him searching for the vein (which was visable) didn't hurt. He also told me I was the fastest clotter he ever saw (fastest clotter in the west y'all). The only shot that really gets me is the one in the shoulder, that goes deep into the muscle. That hurts like crazy :(
Is that a tetnis? My blood pressure is a high normal, not horrible but I need to keep it in check so it doesn't get higher. I actually gained weight

The tests include blood sugar, anemia, diabetes, liver panel, cholesteral (sp?), and other things.
I need to get a pap smear sadly. I didn't want it done by him, that's my limit with male doctors. The last time I had a male doctor down there I started getting hystericle. I go to a nice lady in Westwood, not supported by Kaiser so we pay extra. It's worth it though, she's the only doctor (male or female) that doesn't make me feel like I'm about to start bawling.
After that we went to Coffee Bean and I got a Belgian chocolate blended. yum :)

My brother is coming over for the first time since he came back from Italy. Why? He needs mom to drive him to the eye doctor. Never mind the fact that he can take a bus there (two busses, but hey, I take four when getting to classes). He will meet Heidi today (poor Heidi). Thank god my room is fairly odarless and it's clean. I begged mom to come home before he came, because if I'm alone he will bitch at me I'm sure. Paranoid? Nah, you try being his sister.
machina, I am so happy to hear that Maggot is better, if even slightly. That litter makes me so damn happy, full of fighters! Fuzz is her sister, and she's fighting her last stroke. She got control of her hand now (she lost control of it for 72 hours). Please keep me informed about Maggot, also about Ouiji (sp?)
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