Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

an email I just got in my rattery bin

I found your web page and thought that I would contact you. I have been gathering information on rat breeding and was wondering if you had any advice. Just a bit about my breeding standards: I would never cull, I will keep every rat I breed if does not find a home will never sell any baby to a pet shop and they are sold on contract. All breeding rat must be very health and have very good temperaments, color is just a second. I am breeding not for quantity but for quality. I may only be 11 years old but I am breeding for the love of rats and I know as much as I can about health care, hygiene, genetics, breeding. Socialized my rat babies is very imported to me. Please do not judge me on my age, as many other ratteries just look down on me.Me and my family are coming down to your area and i am looking for new breeding stock (starting) and was wondering if you would be willing to adopt us some rats?

She sounds nice and intelligent but I don't support people that young breeding. They can get tired of it and\or the parents don't support it (and if they did, they might stop and make her get rid of her rats) I won't sell her any rats, but I don't know how to word my email so I don't sound like a rat nazi (I am though..just a little;)

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