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Order of the Phoenix; Professor Umbridge

Some of you might have seen some vague remarks I have made about Fuzz. Well I figure I better post about her. Fuzz had a mild stroke half a week ago. She's fine now, but she has lost a ton of weight and her eyes are a bit duller then normal. She is a fighter so I am sure I still have time left with her (I'm hoping months instead of weeks). It breaks my heart knowing her time is getting shorter, but I am doing all I can for her. Making sure she has plenty of ice tea, chocolate chips (only Trader Joe's will do), almonds, and orange juice (she's a she)
Book update; I'm on book five, the chapter titled Professor Umbridge. I started it around 6 today and I'm already there (a good 220 pages worth). One of the things I take great pride in is my ability to read well :]
Going to Barnes and Nobel Friday night instead of Borders. They are cheaper (I preordered from both of them)
Some photos of Heidi before I go back to the book.
Image hosted by
I bark in your general direction!

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Heidi and Louis (neighbor dog) ran around in the schoolyard tonight. Our neighbor takes care of the school during summer so he gets the keys. It's a nice big schoolyard so they were having fun. Heidi also got a bath today. Her toenails were clipped, ears were cleaned, flea bath, and she got a pretty American bow (red, white, and blue). I'll take photos of her before her bow gets grungy. She did really well at the groomers; played with the dogs, piddled only once.
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