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You aren't grasping my point either and it's thanks to loonies like you that I've decided to leave this group. You don't care about who I am, or whether I've checked into the petstore or no, if it is one of those few and far between ones or not, you don't know how close to my animals I am, and you have no reason or RIGHT to assume that I wouldn't take my hammy to the vet if something went wrong, and you have no right to assume that I would leave the babies to die if the mother were to perish. Do you read me loud and clear YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY THE THINGS YOU'RE SAYING TO ME.

I will not put up with this shit anymore. I will not let you insult me just because you think that you are so much better than me because of your "reason" for breeding rats, which by the way is bullshit, because if you were bettering the species you'd take the strongest ones and let them out into the wild to breed the good genetics into the population instead of giving them to people where they will live solitary lives without passing on their "better" genes. Who the fuck do you think you are? You are not Nitzche. We are not breeding the "super hamster," they're not going to become tiny gods with the right breeding and the right skills.

And what the fuck do you think you know about my prior knowledge of hamster reering, genetics, and care? Any responsible breeder, reguardless of why they are breeding an animal, would look into everything that people have mentioned to me, and guess what? I have. And it's a good thing I did too, because you know hamsters would have such a hard time breeding all by themselves in the wild if it weren't for the fact that they can look up their mate's genetic structure on their tiny little computers hooked up to the HamsterNet to make sure it's okay to go fuck the ham ham next door.

The next time you want to harass someone befor you know what the whole picture is, I hope you think twice and pull your head out of your ass before opening your mouth- or rather, clicking away at your keyboard. I'm not impressed with you or any of the peole in this group right now who think they know everything. You want to know what makes this group get made fun of so often? You (and others) may think that it's people like me, but in reality it's nut jobs like you who have some sort of unrealistic, idealistic view of the way that animals should be bred, or handled, or taken care of.

I take good care of my animals, so FUCK YOU for trying to judge me. I don't need this community or your mouth-full of shit.


It's funny because I'm not even a member...or maybe I am for when I had those hamsters a year ago...I better quit that community since I have no hamsters.
Release into the wild?! *rolls*
I needed a good laugh. I'm such a bitch ^_^
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