Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
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Heidi met Louis, the neighbor's goldie. They were great but I still kept her leashed until I was sure all those lunges weren't play, they were ;)
So we went into their yard to romp offleash. Louis, who's not fixed, kept humping her. I kept telling myself "it's ok, she's fixed"
The neighbor, a nice lady but a little ignorant about breeding dogs, said it was too bad she was fixed otherwise they could have puppies together. I told her that even though they are both purebred, it doesn't mean they would be good candidates for breeding, and even if they were, the pups would be mutts and that woud just take homes away from pound dogs. She said "I guess so. We are waiting until our friends goldie is of age"
They want to breed Louis "once" to make some money off the pups. The friend and them would "share the profit"
Since I can't convince them to not breed I asked if they tested his joints and overall health, if they took him to somebody that knows the goldie's standard and evaulate him. Nope, none of the above. "He's a purebred and that is enough"
These people are nice and treat their dog well but they are ignorant. I just mentally headdesked.
Well, at least Heidi has a new friend.
Tags: stupid pet owners
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