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For the last two nights, when I walk my new dog Heidi (see icon), I see a staffie\akita mix hanging out in front of the same house. There's a collar but it isn't contained or anything. I am not against "pit bull" dogs at all so please don't think that. I am against idiots keeping their dogs in the front of the house without it being contained. The dog crossed the street teeth bared and snarling. Heidi rushed in front of me and started growling. Now, Heidi is dog friendly but I think she got the feeling that dog was going to hurt us so she confronted it. She didn't rush him, just growled and stood her ground. I was afraid we were about to be attacked when the owner came out. "Butch! Get your ass back over here!"
The dog started whimpering and it's tail shot right between it's legs. It slunk over to the owner who promptly smacked it arcoss the nose...hard. I told the owner what I thought of him and walked back toward my house. I plan on calling animal control about animal abuse and about the fact that there is an agressive dog allowed to run free (hell, it's wrong to let a FRIENDLY dog run free).
I feel kinda guilty about reporting the dog since it might be destroyed but I don't know what else to do. This neighborhood has a lot of dogs, kids, and elderly people and that dog was both people and human agressive.
What are all your opinions? Should I do something different?
Tags: stupid pet owners
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