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let the games begin

Well Adam and Elena are home and they know about Heidi. Elena goes "Well, that's the last time I go to Marsha's house!"
Yeah, just because it's a big dog that she never met. Her father doesn't understand why she doesn't like big dogs, she was never attacked by one. She goes "I'm ok if I knew it as a puppy"
BS because her father had boxer pups and when they grew Elena didn't like them
Adam took mom aside and goes "why did you get a big dog when you know Elena doesn't like them?"
Duh! We do not like small dogs! Out of all the breeds I researched, the dane was the most compatible. Who the fuck cares if Elena doesn't like big dogs. We didn't get the dog for Elena!

  • Depressing but not surprising

    Fuck you Maine I honestly can't work up the energy to be enraged over this. All I feel is depression.

  • alarming and not surprising

    Think Arctic sea ice melt is slowing down? Think again! This is alarming, sad, and not at all surprising.

  • (no subject)

    Taken on the drive back home White foam I like how the coast is blurry while the waves and ocean are in clear focus.

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