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SPO in denial (aren't they all)

My aunt is a SPO in denial.

Not a total SPO, since she gives her dog and cat the care they need. Her SPOness is in other areas. She feeds them IAMS (thinks it's a good food), hasn't bothered to pull up the foxgloves in her yard (her cat goes out the dog door whenever it wants...accident waiting to happen with those flowers). She is also a paranoid dog mom. She doesn't have kids and she's not married so her dog Becky (papillon\corgi) is her kid. She brings the dog over to meet our new dane Heidi. She brings Becky into Heidi's house without a leash. I was bringing Heidi outside on a leash to meet Becky on neutral territory. Oh no, my aunt knows best. "A dog that doesn't accept a new dog in their house will never accept the dog"
WTF?! So basically she screws up twice when introducing; she brings Becky into Heidi's house and the dog is NOT LEASHED. The dog rushes Heidi and starts yapping at my dog. My dog, who we got Friday and who the rescue says is dog friendly, growls...but the tail is wagging. It might not have been a growl, it could have just been some other noise. Point is, she wagged her tail (friendly wagging). My aunt freaks out and says "you have another nasty dog! You should return her to the rescue!"
Yeah ok lady. We take both dogs out, again Becky is wandering our front yard unleashed. Becky runs into the street (a fairly quiet street but that's no excuse). My aunt yells "BECKY! BAD GIRL COME HERE!"
Becky comes by and my aunt whaps her nose with two fingers, I'm sure it didn't hurt but that's just not cool. I hold my tongue because what my aunt says is law (according to her). She puts Becky on a leash because "she's being a bad girl"
She walks her dog without a leash unless she's being "bad". She lives near a major street in the valley (SF valley and the street is Victory...I'm sure you Los Angeles County valley dwellers know the area). The dog has good recall but still, this is a major street.
So Becky is on a leash as is Heidi (she's been on a leash since I saw my aunt pull up). Heidi starts wagging her tail with her ears pricked. She makes some funny "woor woor" noises. My aunt is still upset saying we had such a nasty dog before so we MUST be bad dog owners and have a bad dog. Chaos wasn't nasty, just misunderstood (I worked with him enough where he was ok as long as you were careful). Oh, just in case anybody is wondering about Chaos, we had to put him to sleep March 30th because his arthritis and hip dysplasia was so bad dispite meds that he was in constant pain.
Let me tell you about my aunt's last dog, an older GSD named Sasha. That was a great dog but she was a little dog agressive (as was Chaos). My aunt insisted on bringing Sasha over even though she knew CHaos wasn't cool with any dog on his turf. So what happened? We had to lock Chaos outside. We hated doing that but we wouldn't risk her old dog and Chaos getting in a fight. She is going to want to bring Becky over all the time as well and expect us to lock Heidi outside (because omg she is a mean dog!). That will not happen! Heidi is a great dog, great with our cats and she has been tested with small and big dogs. If introduced properally (sp?!), she and Becky can be buddies. Of course, my aunt knows all so Heidi must be horrible because she made a noise at Becky on her territory without ever meeting the dog before. Blah! Heidi is wonderful with the cats, who we introduced properlly. Gee, what a difference proper introduction makes!
edit: Being a paranoid pet owner isn't a bad thing. The SPO part is her being paranoid but doing things that can get her dog hurt or killed. Boggles my mind. I'm a paranoid kitty mom, backyard is cat proof so they are allowed out there and we introduced them to Heidi in a way where they are already touching noses. Also, having a pet as your kid replacment isn't stupid; it's just how the way she handles things. Like I said above, boggles my mind

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We got Heidi Friday from a dane rescue called Indian Dane. SHe is such a love, laid back, gentle, and kind. She is 2 1\2 and won't get bigger; she's small for her breed. Her very first name was Girlfriend (oy vey) and the rescuer named her Misty. We have named her Heidi :)
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