Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I just saw the series finale for season 3 of Quantum Leap. I remember that episode well as a little kid, I bawled like a baby because I was worried about Sam. He leaps into a mental patient that suffers from depression. Before Al can get to him, a sadistic orderly shocks him at 200 amps which could have killed him. When he wakes up he experiences his other leaps, making doctors believe he's a severe MPD patient. Al and the crew try to help him but Ziggy's power supply is low because of all the different personalities. To get Sam to leap, Al has to convince him to have another shock treatment. It was such an emotional episode for me as a kid, and now as an adult, it really touches me. Of course I cried like a baby ;)
So he leaps (after Al nearly crying) and wanna know what? Sam becomes the haulogram (sp) and Al becomes solid. Now I have to wait months and months for season 4 ;_;
Well all is not lost, since Ren and Stimpy seasons 2 and a half (I know) is released. I'll just go and get that and be contained until season 4 for QL is available.

What a waste of a post huh? lol
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