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We love Heidi already! Oh, that's what we renamed Misty, a German name for a German breed :)
We introduced Heidi to each cat today. She was wonderful and ,much to our surprise, the cats were too! Spencer hissed and raised his fur but didn't do anything fact, a few hours later he was letting Heidi smell his nose. Zoe was good too, she was frightened but will come into the same room as Heidi (won't get closer). Mystery is afraid but she's always afraid...of everything. Desi hissed and spit (typical of him), but then let Heidi smell him and touch Desi's nose. That was all Desi would tolerate, which is understandable considering it is only the second day (they smelled each other through the door yesterday). Heidi is so gentle and it would seem, protective. I was rough housing with Spencer outside and Spencer clawed me and growled. Heidi kinda loped over and stood over Spencer (who hissed up at her). I said "It's ok Heidi. Good Heidi. Good Spencer" while petting both of them. Heidi relaxed and loped away to play with her squeaky toy. She also barked today, when she met my neighbor, when she met a family friend, and when we went for our walk and the silly neighbor maltese dogs yapped at her. Her bark is powerful but not overly loud. Something in her ear is bothering her, we don't think it's causing her pain but it's just frusterating her (or so we think). I will call tomorrow to make an appointment to see my cat\dog vet Tuesday morning. Complete checkup, shots (rescuer doesn't believe in vaccines), and he will check out her ear. The cats are slightly overdue for shots so they will go in Thursday (or Friday).
Right now I'm cleaning up my room but I will take more photos later.
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