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We went to Indian Dane Rescue to look at Misty. We got her a collar and the other must haves just in case we decided to bring her home. Well we get there and we are greeted by a gargantuan dane! About 4-5 feet tall at the shoulder. She was a harlequin female who was deaf. She was such a sweetie! We mt Misty and decided we loved her. We brought her home! We took her in the backyard and she peed. She's very strong of course but she is ok on a leash. SHe just needs to be taught recall and know who's alpha and we'll be fine. The cats are locked in my room and I can see they are interested. They do not appeared frightened (she might be giving off good vibes) but we still want to take it slow. We might start the introductions tomorrow (her on a leash). I think it will work out wonderfully! Hell, I know it will.
Right now she's on Eukanumba (sp?). That is what the rescuer had her on, but we will wean her onto Natural Balance slowly.

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We have a big dog pillow for her but we had just put it down so she was still unsure...she's using it now though :)

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The yellow tag is her microchip tag

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We thought she was a blue merle but the rescue said she was a black merle (is there such a thing?). Either way, she's gorgous!

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I love her already!
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