Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I mentioned earlier how somebody called asking if I was the rat rescuer. I said yes and they hung up. Either they were a customer or they have that site that finds my address. I hear a doorbell. I open the door and look down. In a teeny tiny cage (filled with ceder) is a rat mother and some squeakers, probably two days old. I take them in and notice the mother is skin and bones. The babies have no milk bellies. The water, what was left of it, was green. The food was Cheerios and Raison Bran. There are ten babies total, five dead and mutilated (mom ate them I wager).
That was a hour ago. I got the mom on high fat food...but it didn't matter. I just came in the quarentine room and the mother is dead (along with the rest of the litter). The dead babies were also mutilated. Poor mom, poor babies.
I hate people
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