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I want a dog :(
Maybe a dane was too much to ask for, I heard mom talking on the phone with somebody saying she does want another dog but "Sara is so aggrevating with her dog nonsense"
Trying to tell her a pitbull is a sweet dog is nonsense? She believes that even a nice pittie will turn on you. No hope for her :(
Maybe we will just go to a shelter and adopt whatever dog we see and like...but all the shelters here don't really test temperaments enough; just enough to say this dog is good with kids or adults. The rescues test to see if the dog is good with large dogs, small dogs, and cats, small kids, large kinds, etc. I want a rescue dog because of this. I am still saving a life but I am getting a dog that has been through the screening process many times. Maybe I'll just suggest a regular dog (as opposed to a giant) and maybe if we get a second dog, it can be a dane. I found out mom isn't taking her pills, mood swing\anti depressents. The same things I take. I need to call the therapist on her. Blah
Job interview Wesnday. I hope I get it! It's EB Games and an employee discount would help, heh
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