Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

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Stupid LA

I'm listening to K-Mozart and the dj is going "two earthquakes in one week..blah blah, but the big story is that Tom Cruise proposed to his girlfriend Katie Holms".
Yes, because celebrity relationships are so much more important then geological events! Damn media town >:\
I made two characters for Sims 2, Amy Wong and Phillip Fry. I first played as Amy. Silly Amy forgot to buy a fire alarm and perished in a fire. What caused the fire? She left her toaster pastries in too long ^_~
Fry was stupid too, left his mac and cheese on the stove too long. However, Fry was smart and got a fire alarm after buying Amy's house and seeing the ashes and urn. The fireman saved the day!
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