Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

note to self: don't get your hopes too high up;)

The rescuer at Westside German Shepherd Rescue here in Los Angeles (in fact, just ten minutes from us!) emailed me back with some updates. They just got a new dog, Daisy, that she thinks will do well for us. The dog gets along with cats and other dogs, is fairly well behaved, and is super sweet. The mother was a GSD while the father wasn't known. I took a look at this dog and went "boxer!". She really looks like she has boxer in her. What do you think?
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My mom and I are interested in this dog and plan on meeting her either this week or next week. Also, is there anyway to get the ingredients for a raw diet in bulk either on the internet or fairly close to Los Angeles (that would apply to any LA people out there).
We aren't ruling out older dogs. We wouldn't mind an older dog but we think that whichever dog picks us and is good for our household is the dog we should adopt. If it's an older dog great. If it's a puppy that's also great!

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