Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

People are assholes

Last night somebody called me asking if I still rescued rats. I told them yes I had the room for at least two rescues. They want to drop their rat off. Ok fine, I give them the address. They are a half hour late and I'm getting restless, I go to lay down and the doorbell rings. I get up to answer it and I hear a car pull away. I open the door and nobody is there. I look down and see one of these that I couldn't see through it was so dirty. I take it directly into the quarentine room and open it up. The smell of pee attacked me. My eyes watered and I gagged. The bedding appeared to be pine but it was so pee clogged I couldn't tell. The water source was a moldy apple and the food was that store bought mix with lots of sunflower seeds and corn (ack!). The rat was the saddest thing of all. I put photos of her behind the cut. She's a very sweet black berkshire who attacked my hand with licks when I picked her up. I put her in the ten gallon aquarium\topper with some fresh water, food, veggies, and pasta. After she ate, I bathed her to get rid of the rancid odar. To my surprise, I saw no signs of external parasites. I put her on medication and Ivermectin. This morning she was still alive so I'm hoping her asshole "owner" got her to me in time. She has a vet appointment tomorrow. I would have gone today but the only time they had available was when I needed to be in jury duty.

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