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My mom and I talked last night long and hard about doggy candidates and we realized the dog we really truely want is a gsd. We've had one before and we love the breed. They are so intelligent. So we looked into the very close GSD rescue over in Cheviet Hills (classy area;)
The adoptions start at $500 which is a bit more then we wanted to spend for a rescue but if we find a dog we like that fits our needs then we are willing to shell out the dough.

I went back to court today and was finally called to the box for questions. I told them my father was a city attorney and wrote a lot of laws for the city, so I knew a lot of other district attorneys and judges. Heh I was dismissed. Score! I don't mind doing my civic duty being on a jury but now is not a good time for me to be on a murder trial (when is it ever a good time?). I don't have to serve again for a year :]
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